About ULAC

The Undergraduate Law Association at Carolina (ULAC) is the sole undergraduate student-run organization at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill dedicated to promoting interest in legal scholarship and the broader legal field.

ULAC strives to foster an interest in law among undergraduates by enhancing their undergraduate studies through the publication and dissemination of their original legal research. Students are able to access a large network of like-minded pre-law students seeking to immerse themselves in the legal field and refine their research, editing, and writing skills. 

Aside from the publication division, ULAC operates the first and only undergraduate Moot Court team at UNC-Chapel Hill. Further, ULAC proudly runs the Next Century Initiative, a service organization aimed at mobilizing students to address the pressing issues facing our local communities. Through the work of the Moot Court Team and the Next Century Initiative, along with the various guest speaker and career workshop events hosted by ULAC, we aim to educate undergraduate students at UNC about the legal field and equip them with the skills needed to successfully approach complex legal topics, engage in simulated legal advocacy, and meaningfully contribute to the contemporary legal discourse.